Hike of the Week

A Frame Hut sits on the Eastern Ruahine Range in disrepair. 

This is the only hut in the Range that is accessible by vehicle. Unfortunately, that means it is consistently vandalized. 

A short 2 hour hike up the mountainside will get you to the hut. Look out over the surrounding valleys as you crunch through the snow covered trail. 

Photo of the Moment

Looking straight up at the light catching the Totara leaves. 

Hiking Hack of the Moment

Look at your map before you get lost. In other words, regularly take the map out, align it to the terrain (leave the compass in the pack) that way you get a much better understanding of what’s going on should you later get lost.

Plan escape routes along your trail, where appropriate. Leave those plans with someone at home including instructions on when you’d like them to raise the alarm.

Spotlight on New Zealand

Us kiwis have butchered taken charge of the English language and put our own spin on it. Often to the confusion of the rest of the world and cop a lot of flak for our accent. But we are fairly good at taking the piss out of ourselves as well. So grab a cuppa, kick off your jandles and take a squiz at the post below to suss out how to speak Kiwi.

Come and be one of the founding members of that Hiking Facebook Group. We are pretty choice. Promise. 

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