Hike of the Week

Iron Gate Gorge via Stoat Traps Track is a quick(ish) hike that still feels like a proper hike. Plunging down to the gorge you can either go along the river (river height permitting) to meet up with Heritage Lodge or Iron Gate Hut or turn around and go back up the hill again.

Peaceful and serene this is a track that is not used often so you may find you have it all to yourself. How nice!

Photo of the Moment

One morning I planned to head to Leon Kinvig Hut in the Ruahine Range. The snow along the tops told me otherwise. Knee deep (and sometimes waist deep) snow slowed down progress and the hut turned into a distant dream. 

Back down the other ridge for me that day but the views were stunning. Pity it took me a little while to forgive the snow for ruining my plans… In fact, I’m not sure it is quite forgiven just yet..

Hiking Hack of the Moment

Muddy Tracks

Overflowing creeks

Permanent insect buzz

It must be spring! 

Find out the best tips for hiking in the changeable spring weather

Spotlight on New Zealand

Coromandel Peninsula is located in the North Island of New Zealand. It is close to Auckland and Tauranga but it is relatively isolated due to its rugged nature. The Coromandel Peninsula is known for its laid-back lifestyle, spectacular beaches and temperate rainforest. Running through the Peninsula is the Coromandel Range making for a windy, often desolate drive.

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