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Hike of the Month

Wharite Peak was my favourite hike of Feb. When I got home mum text me to ask how it was. The reply was, ‘well, that was a bitch of a hike’. 

Overgrown, steep and rugged but boy it was fun (ish). 

Photo of the Month

This photo always brings back good memories. Despite the fact that I stepped on a hot piece of ash and burned my foot. 

Read all about my camping mishaps here. 

Hiking Hack of the Month

In this months Hiking Hack of the month learn how to handle river crossings like a boss. 

If you do any sort of hiking in NZ, chances are you will have to either climb a hill or cross a creek. Mostly both. Find out how to tackle those river crossings and nothing will hold you back

Spotlight on New Zealand

Foxton Beach sits along the west coast of the North Island, about an hour and a half from Wellington. 

We hiked from Himitangi Beach and ended up at this fabulous spot over summer. This is what summer is about.