Hike of the Week

Triplex Hut has an interesting history. Pilot Hamish Armstrong crashed into the ranges above Sunrise Hut in 1935. The only clue of him was the finding of a shirt labelled “XXX”. Triplex Hut was built in 1973 and is popular for school, family groups and beginner hikers due to being quite close to the road end.

An easy hike from the road end to Triplex Hut but can be extended for more of a challenge to the other various huts in the area. 

Photo of the Moment

A lone seat looking over the valley marking the halfway point to the hut. This was taken on the kids and my hike up to Rangiwahia Hut during the school holidays. 

A wonderful way to spend some quality time together.

Bonus – the kids had no service on their cellphones so they had to talk to their mum. 

Hiking Hack of the Moment

Wondering whether your children are ready for their first multi-day hike? Are you worried it won’t be a success? Tackling those first multi-day hikes with children can be a bit daunting, but it can be done.

When it is just you or a group of adults, not as much planning needs to be done. Multi-day hikes with children, however, a bit more planning needs to be executed.

Think about:

  • The difficulty of the track
  • How long it will take you. It pays to add on some extra time for stops and a slower pace
  • Where you will sleep and what type of conditions you will be in
  • What you will eat
  • If the children are older, what they can comfortably pack in their bag

Involve your children in planning your multi-day hike. Build anticipation and excitement around the trip by looking at pictures online, discussing the trail and what they can expect, putting together a gear list together and getting them to help pack their bags.

Spotlight on New Zealand

Us kiwis have butchered taken charge of the English language and put our own spin on it. Often to the confusion of the rest of the world and cop a lot of flak for our accent. But we are fairly good at taking the piss out of ourselves as well. So grab a cuppa, kick off your jandles and take a squiz at the post below to suss out how to speak Kiwi.

Come and be one of the founding members of that Hiking Facebook Group. We are pretty choice. Promise. 

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