Hiking Etiquette | Don’t be a douche on the trail

So, we have covered backcountry hut etiquette in last weeks post. Let’s talk about hiking etiquette. Similarly, with hut etiquette, hiking etiquette is simply don’t be a douche. There are some common sense unspoken rules with hiking that you should know before you head out. Hiking Etiquette | Read the trailhead guidelines No matter what, … Read moreHiking Etiquette | Don’t be a douche on the trail

Backcountry Hut Etiquette | Hiking Tips

Happy first official day of summer (insert thumbs up and excited face here) y’all! Summer brings more people out of their houses and into huts, a great Kiwi pastime. Let’s celebrate by talking Backcountry Hut Etiquette. Nothing beats a summer evening nestled in the bush, miles from civilisation. With over 1000 Backcountry Huts in New … Read moreBackcountry Hut Etiquette | Hiking Tips