How much do you like trampling through puddles of water? If the answer is ‘immensely’ then I have found the perfect walk for you! Beehive Creek is a wonderfully satisfying water stomping walk.

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Quick Stats

Time: An hour-ish each way to the farmland (farmland is closed between 1st August to 30th November due to lambing)or 2-3 hours if you go through the farmland to the road. You can park another car here or you can carry on about 3ks down the road to your car making a loop.

Difficulty: Easy

Fitness: Low

Access: Public Road – not found on google maps, to prevent getting lost (not speaking from experience….. ) it pays to do some research before you go and plan the route there.

What is Beehive Creek?

This walk is in Pohangana Valley, not far from Palmerston North in good ole NZ. Beehive Creek is an easy half day walk that has the added novelty of zig-zagging up the creek as you make your way upstream to the farmland. You can carry on up through the farms and then head back to your car via the road but I’ve always turned and come back through the creek again. Plus it is much more fun stamping through the water than it is trying to dodge cars going at 100kms up the windy road. Much more natural and wild.

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Why Beehive Creek?

Beehive Creek isn’t a difficult walk nor does it take a high fitness level. It is perfect for families and those wanting a fun and different hike. The most difficult part of the walk is trying to navigate. But then if you follow the Creek in the direction you are going that isn’t too hard. The water flows either upstream or down so if you use your noggin you can figure out which way you need to be going without too much drama. The path is often overgrown and dips in and out of the water. There were times when we didn’t even bother following the path as we could see it just went over the bank for a couple of meters then veered down into the stream again. Sometimes there is little point in following it.

Wet Feet

I wouldn’t recommend doing this hike in winter. Although the stream is not particularly wide or deep, if it had a bit of water coming down from the heavens over a long period, the stream would swell. This is a walk best tackled in other parts of the year. I have been in Autumn and Spring, both times it was the perfect temperature. We didn’t get too hot as most of the time our feet were in puddles, even when we weren’t in the stream thanks to the water holding power of our boots. A constant rhythmic sound came from our boots as we trodded along. Walking in silence and having our musical boots competing with the birdsong was very pleasant.

If you don’t like wet feet, then I would suggest you stay away from Beehive Creek. But then if you don’t like wet feet I don’t imagine this walk would hold much attention due to the name anyway.  Almost immediately into the walk, your feet are submerged in the water as you tackle the first crossing of the creek. I lost count of how many times we crossed the water (and I even went past the number of fingers and toes I had, that’s not why I lost count. True story). Luckily there are no eels in the water. They give me the heebies.

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The Walk

The start of the walk is by public road but you are quickly surrounded by trees, bush and farmland, taking you away from the realities of life. It is easy to forget that you aren’t actually all that far away from modern life. As you walk through the many glades with nothing for company other than the birds sitting watching high up in the trees and the insects buzzing happily about minding their own business you feel a serene sense of peace.

If you sit quietly on the logs that lie in wait for a weary bum to sit on for a rest you may just spot some of our local birds. We saw Fantails flitting furiously from branch to branch, Tuis guarding their trees and plenty of other birds. Sometimes you have to settle for just listening to them. But that is enough as their songs are really quite beautiful.

You don’t have to turn around and come back through the creek. If you do this walk at any other time than between 1st August and 30th November you can carry on up the farmland. The farmland closes during this period due to lambing and calving. I have never carried on, but apparently, from the top of the hill, you get a magnificent view of Pohangana Valley and the Ruahine Range in the distance. This part of the walk requires a bit of fitness as it is uphill.

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Top Tips

Make sure you go to the loo before doing this walk! With the constant sound of running water you may need to tinkle. Unless you are happy to do “bush wees” as my children so delicately put it then you are out of luck as there are no loos

Check the weather before you go, it can change very quickly especially in the unpredictable Autumn and Spring seasons

Always tell someone where you are going. Just in case

Carry some water and a few food supplies. Also, it pays to chuck a spare pair of socks and shoes in the car for the drive home. Wet feet = cold feet = not a comfortable trip home

Put a smile on that dial!

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Final Thoughts

Beehive Creek is a novel half day walk that will please young children as well as the young at heart. It is a beautiful, serene hike that isn’t too difficult. The added bonus of reliving childhood stamping through puddles makes Beehive Creek a delight



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Beehive Creek is a novel half day walk that will please young children as well as the young at heart. A beautiful, serene hike that isn't too difficult located in the manawatu, New Zealand

14 Comments on New Zealand Hiking: Zigzagging through Beehive Creek

  1. I just love how useful your tips are. Applies to any outing one is taking. Thanks. And thanks for mentioning that this walk isn’t only for the fitness lovers. We travel as a family and we need to consider each ones fitness level before opting for anything. So yes this one is a winner in my list of things to do in New Zealand. Thanks.

    • The tips can definitely apply to any hike or outdoor experience. This hike is perfect for families, there’s something for everyone and it isn’t too difficult 🙂

  2. Maybe worth doing in wellies? I remember a similar creek from my childhood – we had one next to my grandma’s house… you brought me back sweet memories awww! I’m into all hikes so enjoyed the read. In which month you did it?

    • Yup you could definitely do it in wellies, our wellies in NZ tend to be big clunky things though so not very comfy! I did this hike in March and again in October. I’m glad I could bring back some sweet memories for you 🙂

  3. This looks like a great hike for beginners, especially in summer when you can get your feet wet and cool down from the heat of the sun. I’d love to try it one day if I ever travel to New Zealand.

  4. Lovely tips of a place which is not very known. Beehive creek is beautiful and as it does not require high level of walking, me and my children can try it. Thanks for sharing!

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