I reached out to the travel blog community and asked them what their best hike in the world is. They delivered! In this epic post, 12 travel bloggers share the best hikes around the world. It makes me want to go hiking on every continent. That might be my New Bucklist Add.

Hike from England to Bali and everywhere in between with some of the top travel bloggers around the world, so grab a cuppa, sit back and travel across the land with us.


In this epic post, 12 travel bloggers share the best hikes around the world. Hike from England to Bali and everywhere in between. 


The Lost City Trek, Colombia

The Lost City Trek is one of the best hikes I have done, and a popular trek in South America.  The 4 or 5-day trek leads through the Colombian jungle to the lost city of Teyuna.  Teyuna is thought to have been built around 800 AD, which is around 650 years before Machu Picchu.  The Lost City was hidden for hundreds of years until 1972 when looters stumbled across the stone steps which lead up to the remains of the city.  The trek is a moderately difficult one, involving river crossings and several ascents and descents which can be muddy and very slippery in the rainy season.  However, the views from the trail are worth the effort, and discovering the city for yourself is a special experience.

The trek can only be done with a guide, which you can easily arrange in Santa Marta, the nearest big town.  I chose to do the trek with Wiwa Tours, whose guides are indigenous and the descendants of the original inhabitants of the city who still live in the region.  We spent the nights along the trail in designated camps with hammocks or simple bunk beds, next to the river for fresh water and bathing after a hot day’s hiking!  Good hiking shoes are recommended, as well as walking sandals for the river crossings.  Insect repellent is also necessary, mosquitos happily devour hikers as they trek through the jungle!


Claire Sturzaker, Tales of a Backpacker

Tales of a Backpacker is an adventure travel blog designed to share the best food, drink and activities in a destination without breaking the bank.  Claire has spent the last three years backpacking solo around Latin America and Europe and continues to travel full time.

Best hikes around the world | The Lost City Trek, Colombia
The Lost City Trek, Colombia

Camino del Norte, Spain

One of our favourite hikes out of many we’ve done all over the world is Camino del Norte or the Northern Way, one of the routes of Camino de Santiago. It’s a 825 km trek through Northern Spain, the route crosses four regions; the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. The trail starts in Irun (a town on the border with France) and finishes in Santiago de Compostela. The hike offers amazing coastal scenery; pristine beaches, dramatic cliffs, green hills bordering the coastline, small cosy towns and historical cities.

The Camino del Norte is not a traditional wild hike, you don’t need to carry a tent, cooking kit, food for the hike etc. only a sleeping bag and extra clothes. Hikers or pilgrims how they are called on the Camino stay in special hostels – albergues, that costs between 5 and 10 Euro. Albergues usually have bunk beds, shared facilities (bathroom, kitchen, common area) and some have wifi. The route goes past towns and villages, hikers can stop on the way for lunch, snacks, coffee or buy food in a supermarket.

The trek is well-marked all the way from the beginning to the end, hikers don’t need any GPS or maps to navigate. The accessibility as mentioned makes the Camino del Norte a hike for everybody regardless age or fitness level. Another great think about this route is that you get to see famous Spanish cities and towns like San Sebastian, Bilbao, Santander, Gijon, Portugalete etc. you walk and at the same time do sightseeing on the way. Walking the Camino is one of the cheapest way to travel Spain, accommodation costs between 5 and 10 Euro, you don’t spend money on transport (you walk all the time), you can buy food in supermarkets, it’ll cost you 5-8 Euro pp.


Campbell + Alya, Stingy Nomads

Stingy Nomads is an adventure travel blog that focuses on outdoor activities, mainly hiking, diving and camping.

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The best hikes around the world | Camino del Norte
Camino del Norte, Spain

Volcano Acatenango, Central America

Central America is all about volcanos, and many people visit this part of the world for only one reason – to climb a volcano!

One of the more challenging and popular hikes is the overnight trek to the summit of Volcano Acatenango in Guatemala. People are drawn to this hike for the incredible views of the nearby volcano that spews lava on a regular basis.

It’s unlike anywhere else in the world but be warned this is a tough hike. Many people claim it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever done not realising how difficult it is. Even though the hike is only about 10 kilometres, the elevation increase is around 1:200 metres and much of the hike is through soft volcanic sand.

Everyone must carry their own gear with enough food and water (H2O is heavy!) for the entire hike, some warm dry clothes, basic essentials and sometimes camping gear.

The first day’s hike takes between 4-6 hours depending on the fitness of the people in your group. Everyone stumbles into base camp cold, exhausted, in pain and in awe of the surrounding landscape. There’s usually a sudden burst of activity with hikers racing around snapping pictures of the wonderland before them.

After a restless night’s sleep everyone is woken at 04.30 a.m to make the agonising, but stunning, 1 ½ hour trek to the summit. It’s rare for everyone to make the ascent, but for those who do they are rewarded with a sunrise that few people get to see.


Audrey Chalmers, Gumnuts Abroad

Audrey is one half of an Aussie Gen X couple, Gumnuts Abroad, on a twelve-month career break inspiring and helping other 50 somethings to travel the world.

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Best Hikes around the world | Volcano Acatenango, Central America
Volcano Acatenango, Central America

Mount Agung, Island of the Gods

There are various challenging routes in the Island of the Gods that avid hikers can scale. One difficult, yet rewarding one was the sunrise trek up Mount Agung. The first challenge begins with the wake-up. You will need to rise between 2-4am depending on how close you are staying to the 1717m high active volcano. Mine was at 3 am. 

After arriving at the base at Gunung Batur, you are put into random groups of between 12-20 people. This is if you go with a guide, which is recommended, although you can scale the mountain on your own, just follow the crowds. If you do go in groups, the guides are young, knowledgable, active and patient and stop regularly along the arduous path of sliding shale rocks.

If you are not the patient type, going with a group will irritate you. My group had hikers at various levels of fitness. Some stopped halfway and turned around as the slippery rocks scared them. Others sat in frustration as they thought they would not make the sunrise and there are various headcounts along the way. 

Once you reach the top and the sun peaks its head out, it is a view like no other. While it is advisable to take snacks, water and possibly a flask with coffee or tea, you can purchase drinks and snacks from the vendors at the top, but they sell out fast. The trek up will take about 2 hours, with an hour wait at the top and another two back down. 


Callan, Once in a Lifetime Journey

Callan is the content manager and blogger at Once in a Lifetime Journey, a luxury and out of the ordinary travel blog. He bounces between South Africa, Singapore and South Korea and tries to fill in the gaps with new adventures in distant lands.

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Best Hikes around the world | Mount Agung, Island of the Gods
Mount Agung, Island of the Gods

Pampa Linda to Lago Frias

The hike from Pampa Linda to Lago Frias via Monte Tronador is a four-day hike through a range of landscapes.  Starting from the small refuge at Pampa Linda the path follows the river valley initially through dense woodland before reaching the tree line and starting to cross a series of small streams running off the glacier at the base of Monte Tronador.

The first night is spent in the basic mountain hut called Refugio Otto Meiling on the edge of Glacier Alerce.  Beds consist of a room filled with mattresses and the communal dining room is basic but homely.  Spending the night under the stars is easy in this wilderness location.  The peak of Monte Tronador sits dominating the skyline above the small hut with a wide vista across the surrounding peaks towards Chile.  The second morning starts with a short traverse across Glacier Alerce.

A local guide is essential for this route but once the glacier is behind you it is then a clear path across Paso de los Nubes and down the valley for the second night on the route. This is steep and downhill all the way with small sections of chained path (scrambles).

Remember to watch the sky here as the mighty condors circle, watching you leave their world.  This night is spent at the newer Refugio Rocco, real beds and hot showers are the highlights.  The final day of this hike is through dense woodland following the river.  The rumble of the glaciers tumbling over the mountain edge can be heard echoing through the valley in the early morning as the sun rises and this is then replaced with the call of birds and insects.

Finally, the green glacial lake of Lago Frìas comes into view.  Monte Tronador is still visible in the distance but is a distant memory.  A boat takes you across the lake before a second ferry from Peurto Blest takes you back to Bariloche and the reality of the modern world.


Suzanne, Meandering Wild

Meandering Wild is an adventure blog exploring wild places and wildlife encounters.  With a focus on photography, it provides inspiration for small adventures close to home as well as in remote places

Best Hikes Around the World | Pampa Linda to Lago Frias
Pampa Linda to Lago Frias

Caldera Trail from Fira to Oia in Santorini, Greece


Hiking the caldera trail from Fira to Oia in Santorini is certainly one of the best ways to enjoy the striking beauty of this famous Greek volcanic island. The trail has around 10 kilometres and is not particularly challenging with very little elevation gain. It is easy to follow, too, thanks to the many signposts along the way. During summer, make sure to start the hike early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid the midday heat and bring enough sunscreen, water, and a hat.


The hike starts at the main square of Fira and follows a paved pathway climbing slightly towards the villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli. It passes some of the most photogenic churches of Santorini including the famous Three bells of Fira as well as many luxurious hotels with private pools sparkling against the traditionally whitewashed facades. At Imerovigli, you’ll get a chance to make a detour to the Skaros Rock, an impressive rock formation with ruins of an old castle on the top. It is well worth the extra 30 minutes hike but don’t just climb to the top of the rock. Instead, continue to the far side of the peninsula to visit one of the prettiest churches of Santorini, Theoskepasti.


Once out of Imerovigli, the countryside becomes wilder and much more scenic. The trail passes on top of the steep cliffs of Santorini’s caldera offering stunning views towards the islands of Thirassia and Nea Kameni. At the highest section of the trail right above Oia, you’ll meet another picturesque church, Psilos Stavros, a perfect location for sunset gazing without the crowds. From here, the path finally descends down to Oia, one of the most stunning villages in Greece. No matter how overcrowded and overphotographed Oia can get, walking through its cobbled alleys coloured by the golden light of sunset is magical and the perfect ending to this beautiful hike!


Helena, Just for one summer

My name is Helena and I am a Czech expat living in Athens, Greece. My blog, Just for one summer, is all about discovering the lesser known corners of Greece, outdoorsy adventures and hiking my way around the country.

The Best Hikes Around the World | Caldera Trail from Fira to Oia in Santorini, Greece
Caldera Trail from Fira to Oia in Santorini, Greece

Mestia to Ushguli Trek, Georgia

If you are a hiker travelling to Georgia, you shouldn’t miss a visit to Svaneti. This region is located right in the middle of the Caucasus mountains, close to the boundaries with Russia. Mestia is the capital of the region and the starting point for most hiking trails.

The most popular activity is the Mestia to Ushgui Trek which is considered as one of the best hikes in the country. This fantastic trail will take you along impressive valleys, snowy peaks, massive glaciers and traditional villages. It can be completed in 4 days, and is of medium difficulty. There are several paths to hike from Mestia to Ushguli, but I recommend that you take the alternative trail via Tsvirmi which doesn’t get as crowded as the original path.

You’ll find several villages along the hike, so you can stay in the local home-stays. This is pretty cool as you don’t even need to bring any camping gear! Please keep in mind that it’s a really popular trek and it can be difficult to
find accommodation during the high season which goes from July to August. If you are travelling on those dates, I recommend that you book ahead.


Miguel, Travelsauro

Miguel is an adventure traveller and hiking lover. He has been travelling the world for the last eight years, always trying to explore and hike some of the most remote regions. Follow him on his blog travelsauro and enjoy exciting adventures in places like Papua, Timor, the Himalayas, Africa and the Caribbean!

Best hikes around the world | Mestia to Ushguli Trek, Georgia
Mestia to Ushguli Trek, Georgia


Banff National Park, Canada

“Breathtaking. It sounds cliché, but that’s actually its synonym. Banff is the most breathtaking place on Earth, and if you’re looking for a place to include in your hiking bucket list, you have to visit this national park. But wait, the park is enormous so which are the best hikes in Banff? That’s difficult to say because they all have their own appeal: sapphire/emerald lakes, golden larch, or fantastic wildlife.

If I were to name one, it would be the Lake Agnes Tea House Trail. This trail is undoubtedly the most popular one and rightly so because the Lake Louise is gorgeous with its bright blue colour and surrounding nature. Well, I said this is the most popular trail at Banff, so if you’re going on an adventure there during summer, be sure to start the path very early, better yet if it’s still dark. You will thank me later for that as the parking lot gets jam-packed.
Moreover, Lake Agnes Trail is not difficult to complete, it takes around 2.30 / 3 hours to finish this moderate trail.

Pro tip: Canada’s oldest tea house (Lake Agnes) is open from mid-May to mid-October and only accepts cash.
So, check the trail and weather conditions, take snacks, water, money, and a camera with you, and enjoy the view. You will want to photograph that!


Bruna, Maps ‘N Bags

Bruna is one half of the travel blog Maps ‘N Bags, where she and her husband share a bunch of travel tips and interesting cultural discoveries. They are based in the Netherlands and are probably chugging a beer as we speak. Follow them on this adventure!”


Best Hikes Around the World | Banff National Park, Canada
Banff National Park, Canada

The Isle of Arran, Scotland

The Isle of Arran sits off the west coast of Scotland, within easy reach of Glasgow by bus, train or car. The ferry only takes 55 minutes. The Arran Coastal Route is a circular route around the island, covering 65 gorgeous miles of amazing scenery, hills, castles and lochs. You hike through 12 cute island villages such as Brodick, Blackwaterfoot and Lamlash which have a range of accommodation for nightly stops to break up the walk.
Arran is known as ‘Scotland in miniature’ so you can enjoy a slice of the wild and barren Highlands in the north and the mild, lush green south, similar to the south of Scotland. Known as one of’ Scotland’s Great Trails’ ideally this route should be taken over a week. This will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some island hospitality in the local pub in the evening and take in some of the stunning dark skies at night. You can also spot some incredible wildlife, such as deer, red squirrels and eagles.
The section between Brodick and Sannox allows you the choice of climbing Goatfell, Arran’s highest mountain at 874m and dolphins and basking sharks are known to hang around in the water to the north so you might get lucky and spot some for yourself.
While doing the section between Imachear and Blackwaterfoot you can explore the fascinating Machie Moor Standing Stones and stone circles and also King’s Cave where Bonnie Prince Charlie hid. This is a beautiful coastal hike, with lots of interesting detours and those magnificent island views, Arran is a special island and this route shows it off well.

Nicola, FunkyEllas Travel

I run a Scottish Travel blog, FunkyEllas Travel, which lets me explore and write about the hidden gems, colourful villages and quirky finds that I spot along the way.
The best hikes around the world | The Isle of Arran, Scotland
The Isle of Arran, Scotland

Hadrian’s Wall, England

The Hadrian’s Wall walk is a slow stroll through England’s ancient Roman history. The wall represents the old Roman border between England and Scotland. Hadrian had an ongoing beef with the Scots and in 122 AD he built the wall and staffed it with 11,000 Roman soldiers in order to “keep out the barbarians”.

In 2003, a site management scheme was put into place that would both protect the ruins and also allow hikers along the ancient pathway. Hiking is an important part of English culture and so providing pedestrian access to the ruins was important. The walking path runs along what remains of the wall and its remarkably well-preserved ruins.

The Hadrian’s Wall walk is a coast to coast path running eighty-four miles from Newscastle-Upon-Tyne to Bowness-on-Solway. However, you can do the best bits of the wall with a four day itinerary between Hexam and Gilsland. On this section, you’ll hike forty miles through rolling countryside and sheep pasture with plenty of time to get a history lesson at Chester’s Fort, Housesteads Fort, Birdoswald fort and many of the milecastles along the way.


Carol Guttery, Wayfaring Views 

Wayfaring Views will help you explore beyond the obvious and the mundane so that you can find extraordinary, cool, weird and unforgettable travel experiences.


The best hikes around the world | Hadrian's Wall, England
Hadrian’s Wall, England

Newfoundland, Canada

Newfoundland seems to be the best-kept secret in the Canadian hiking scene. The east coast, often overshadowed by the mountains and glaciers of the west, boasts beautiful and otherworldly scenery at every turn – almost always with an ocean view. Gros Morne National Park, on the western coast of Newfoundland, is no different.
There’s so much to see in Gros Morne that you could spend a week there and not get to everything. But if you’re crunched for time, the one hike you absolutely must do is Western Brook Pond (6 km return). Follow both an easy gravel path through rugged forests and a winding boardwalk over the expansive marshes of Western Brook. The trail ends at the pond’s edge, opening up to a beautiful vista of the water and the fjords of the Long Range Mountains. It
feels like you’ve been transported to another part of the world.
In summer (mid-May to mid-October) there is also a boat tour that will take you across the pond to explore the Long Range Mountains. I prefer this hike in shoulder season to avoid crowds. Even if you don’t make the boat tour, this hike is worth it just for the views of the fjords alone. Check out the 1.8 km loop along the shore of the water for a different view of the majestic fjords.
If you haven’t had the chance to visit Newfoundland yet, put this on your list before the secret gets out. Have your camera ready for moose, and be prepared to have your breath stolen from you by the beauty and magic of this Atlantic gem.

Emma Harris, Trailheads and Trail Mix

About the author: Emma Harris is an outdoor educator living in Darwell, Alberta, Canada. She is the owner and author of Trailheads and Trail Mix, a hiking blog dedicated to reflection and introspection on the trail. When she’s
not teaching, you can find Emma hiking, snowshoeing, or canoeing in Alberta or Ontario.
The best hikes around the world | Newfoundland, Canada
Newfoundland, Canada

The Chilkoot Trail

The Chilkoot Trail takes hikers through 33 miles of stunning scenery, across an international border, and back in time through centuries of history. The trail began as a trade route for the indigenous Tlinget people and eventually became a central part of the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 19th century. Thousands of prospectors made their way north along the trail in hopes of striking it rich. They left behind stoves, shoes, and other items which are now considered artefacts along the Chilkoot, referred to as the “world’s longest museum.”

Even if history isn’t your thing, the Chilkoot Trail offers up a challenging and beautiful hike through the lush coastal rainforest, up over the steep and rocky Chilkoot Pass, along rivers and lakes, and through alpine tundra. The ever-changing scenery alone makes this hike one of the best in the world.

Most hikers take between 3-7 days to hike the trail from Dyea, Alaska to Bennett, British Columbia. Designated backcountry campsites offer tent platforms, outhouses, and warmup shelters. It’s also possible to day hike part of the trail from Dyea and trail runners have been known to complete the entire 33-mile trek in one day. With no road access to Bennett, hikers can choose between taking a ride in a float plane or travelling by train back to civilization. Either option is an experience on its own and a wonderful way to cap off the adventure.

Laura is the writer behind An Ordinary Existence, a blog focusing on travel and the outdoors for the average adventurer. When she’s not in the backcountry, you can usually find her out walking her dog or dreaming up her next trip.


Laura Friesen, An Ordinary Existence

Laura is a writer, traveller, and lover of the outdoors. She shares her stories and encourages others to do more of the things they love over at An Ordinary Existence.


the best hikes around the world | The Chilkoot Trail
The Chilkoot Trail

Final Thoughts

Where is your favourite place to hike? Leave a reply in the comments and let me know. I would love to add even more to my ever growing to-hike list. It’s already as long as my arm so what’s a few more?!
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