Camping is a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. Or tolerated ones. No TV, limited phone service, no creature comforts. Sounds fab dunnit? But how do you entertain everyone with no TV, limited phone service and no creature comforts? Ah, I am here to help! Check out my comprehensive list of Camping Activities below. You are welcome.

Outdoor Camping Activities

  • Go for a hike
  • Birdwatch
  • Nature scavenger hunt – you can make it as simple or as tricky as you like. Depending on how mean you are. Or how old the kids are. Examples are: A-Z scavenger hunt, see if you can find something from as many letters of the alphabet as possible, colour scavenger hunt, either as many different things of the same colour or as many different coloured things as possible. A great way to introduce colours and letters to smaller children.
  • Build a hut or a fairy house
  • Have a bug hunt
  • Collect berries and eat them fresh. Or take them home to make jam
  • See how many nature sounds you can hear (this requires a wee bit o’ silence and concentration though)
  • Leaf rubbings or collect leaves to take back to the camp
  • Collect firewood
  • See how many different shapes you can spot in the clouds
  • Learn how to read a map

50+ camping activities to entertain everyone (no devices in sight)

Indoor Camping Activities

  • Board games – Monopoly is always a good one (plus it is long so it keeps the kids entertained for longer. Until the competitiveness takes over anyway…)
  • Card games
  • Read a book or magazine
  • Word games such as crosswords, word search, sudoku
  • Grab a pen and paper and doodle, play noughts and crosses, hangman etc – Mr 11 and I designed our own Pokemon on our last camp
  • Make up your own stories – each person can add the next part of the story and see where you end up


Physical Camping Activities

  • A ball and bat are always useful when camping. You can play dodgeball, football, rugby, cricket and the list goes on
  • Tag
  • Hide and seek
  • Bike
  • Hike
  • Climb trees
  • Lawn bowling
  • Rock climbing
  • Frisbee

Nighttime Camping Activities

  • Play spotlight (flashlight tag)
  • Stargaze – see how many different constellations and different stars you can spot
  • Go for a bush walk in the dark
  • Make silhouettes through the tent or shadow puppets
  • Storytime
  • Swim in the dark
  • Play hide and seek in the dark
  • Cards or boardgames are a good way to wind down in the evening
  • See how many different nighttime sounds you can hear


Campfire Activities

  • Build a campfire
  • Toast marshmallows
  • Ghost stories
  • Make dinner over the campfire
  • Pull out the dusty guitar and strum away (or harmonica or your wonderful singing voice)
  • Design a new campfire treat, go nuts
  • Storytime
  • Play cards around the fire

camping activities printable

Water Camping Activities

  • Learn how to skip stones and see who can make the stone bounce the most amount of times
  • Make a mudslide
  • Snorkle
  • Float down the water on tubes
  • Take a picnic and spend the day down by the water
  • Fish
  • Swim
  • Eel spot (if you live somewhere where there are eels)
  • Water fight with water balloons or water guns – a good ole fashioned water fight with splashing is just as fun though, until someone pokes an eye out
  • Acquire a body board and go body boarding
  • Build sandcastles – see who can make the biggest, most decorative, inventive etc
  • See who can build the tallest stone tower before it topples over


Rainy Day Camping Activities

  • Go for a walk in the rain
  • Swim in the rain
  • Boardgames
  • Card games
  • Story time
  • Get out the pen and paper and draw, play games, write a story about camping in the rain or whatever your wee heart desires
  • Listen to the rain on the tent
  • Go for a drive

What do you like to do when you camp? Any other suggestions to add to the above? Have any of these Camping Activities taken your fancy?

Leave a note in the comments. Choice!



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  1. Hey Jem, as a die hard camper I can relate to just about every one of these. In fact you’ve just made me want to go out camping again. Great post ??⛺️

    • You best get out camping quick smart, before the busyness of life takes over and you forget that you wanted to go!! Thank you for the kind comments 🙂

      • No way will I forget!!! The camper’s sitting in the carport, makes it hard to ever forget! Every time I walk past I wonder where we’ll go next. ?

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