Exploring postbridge, dartmoor

Exploring Postbridge, Dartmoor

Once upon a time in England, Rob and I took the kids up Dartmoor. It is one of my favourite places in England. As usual, it was a wild blustery day but in my opinion, that’s the best time to go. So exhilarating and wild, just how nature intended it to be. We went to […] Read more…

7 free(ish) things to do and see in London

London: 7 free(ish) things to do

Who doesn’t love a little London? Take me to them and I will sort them out for you. As part of my London Series, I am going to give you my personal favourite 7 free(ish) things to do and see from my wonderful tourist and only been twice in my life perspective. We wanted to […] Read more…

Why you should see the changing of the guard

Why you should see the changing of the guard

Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard has always been on my to-do list. Even if it is is very touristy and cliched thing to do. But, when you are from the other side of the world, it really is something special to see. Buckingham Palance is an iconic building and as New Zealand […] Read more…

the giant of haytor, dartmoor

The Giant of Haytor

Last Autumn Rob and I went for a drive to Haytor in Dartmoor. Every time I drive into Dartmoor the sign ‘please drive with moor care’ makes me chuckle. We chose a wet, windy day for our walk – seems to be a running theme. But then it is autumn so that possibly has something […] Read more…

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