New Zealand

You’ve made it down under! Congrats. Come explore New Zealand with me. We shall do some hikes together and road trip around seeing some spectacular scenery along the way. Excited? Me too.

I love showing off my country almost as much as I enjoy exploring it. There’s still so much more to tick off my to-do list so I hope you will journey with me


what i hope for in 2018

What I hope for in 2018

2018 is well and truly upon us now. We are into the double figures of January already. Holy cow! So I have decided its high time for a bit of reflection and hopes for this year. I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions. They aren’t my thang (you can read about why here). However, I […] Read more…

the great snow hunt, apiti, new zealand

The great snow hunt

Waking up to expectations It’s been a cold and dreary month here in little ole New Zealand. So we decided to take advantage of the recent snowfall around the country and go for a wee drive out to Apiti for the greatly promised Snow Hunt. We woke up with great expectations that this was the […] Read more…

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