Travel Blogger Spotlight | Stingy Nomads

Campbell and Alya, AKA Stingy Nomads are an adventure couple who are all about travelling on a budget. They are an adventure couple who are into diving, hiking and adventure. Their blog is jam-packed full of information to help others travel stingily (is that a word?). Read on to find out more about them and […] Read more…

Blogger Spotlight - Five Foot Ronna. Find out what makes Ronna tick, where she is off to next and how the love of travel is ingrained

The Spotlight – Ronna from fivefootronna

Ronna from fivefootronna is one of my all-time favourite people. Both online and off. I’m forever bigging up this gal to anyone who will listen to me (though not many people do anymore). Ronna is intelligent, inspirational, funny and genuine. We met several years ago at a mutual friend’s lingerie party. I think she felt […] Read more…

Spotlight on Walking on Foreign Chels

Travel Blogger Spotlight | Walking on Foreign Chels

I’m running a new thang called ‘The Blogger Spotlight On’. It will involve featuring different Travel Bloggers from Around the Globe. What makes them tick? What is their passion (apart from travel. Obvs)? Lessons learned from travel Inspiring stories Funny stories Where in the world is their favourite destination? Our very first Spotlight is Chel […] Read more…

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