Day 2

Day 2 of Morlaix, France Jim and I had decided we’d seen enough landmarks and wanted to see something a bit different. So we opted for the scenic tourist option for the day. We found a local supermarket and stocked up on local goodies, chucked in the nearest beach on the sat-nav and were off!

We found ourselves at St Pol de Leon. It was like being back in New Zealand. There were blue skies, clear water, and houses along the beach front. Along with an absolutely stunning beach littered with pebbles and little rock pools. We stopped and this time I asked Jim to take a photo of me. I wanted to prove I actually went to France and didn’t just download all my photos from the internet! But then it looks so much like New Zealand people just assume that it’s an old photo anyway. Can’t win!

St Pol de Leon, France
St Pol de Leon, France
A French Picnic

We unpacked our picnic on a secluded part of the beach that had rocks on either side and some bushes behind us as the beach was quite busy with families making the most of the sun. Eating our lunch bathing in the sun was bliss. We could see our ferry docked at the harbour in Roscoff from where we were sitting. Jim kept watching it to make sure we didn’t get the times wrong as they were in 24 hour time on the ticket.

We heard a loud engine noise at about the time he thought we may have confused the time with so I joked that it was starting to move away. But we’d gotten the times right and were safe. I was secretly hoping we’d got the times wrong though, I could have happily stayed in France for a little while longer.

Perfect picnic spot
Perfect picnic spot
St Anne Islet:

We had a little explore of the St Anne islet which sat behind our beach. In amongst all the rocks you could see ruins of an old castle where cannons would have been mounted. It was quite a contrast between natural rocks splayed randomly and neat little circles of stones. The 360-degree view from the rocks was breathtaking. You could see miles of ocean with the occasional island dotted in one direction then turn and see yachts bobbing in the water then turn again and see houses lined up in rows on hills then turn again and see the beach where we sat.

St Anne Islet, France
St Anne Islet, France
Back to Roscoff

After we’d taken in the view (and a few more photos) we set off towards Roscoff, I wanted to see the church we first saw when we arrived to get my photo taken beside something that was obviously not New Zealand.The church of Notre-Dame de Croaz-Batz dates back to the 16th century and oozes history. It was the first sight we saw in France when we got to Roscoff off the ferry. Roscoff is very picturesque and quaint,

I loved the flags that hung between the buildings, and the sea theme running through the town, its full of character. As we were driving through they had a market where people dressed like pirates (well that’s what they looked like as we drove past anyway, they could of been dressed as Greek gods for all I knew, but my little glimpse was enough for me to draw a pirate conclusion) and a ship sat on the waterfront beside the market. If only we had more time!

Roscoff, France
Our last view of Roscoff, France
Bye bye France

The weather was very nice to us all weekend and the ferry crossing was no exception. There were lovely blue skies and calm seas. It was sad to say goodbye to France but I’m sure I will be back, hopefully for a bit longer next time. Since this crossing was a daytime one we had a bit more non-sleep time to kill. Luckily the rugby world cup was on and New Zealand was playing Argentina.

I don’t normally follow the rugby but since I’ve been away from home I’m instantly drawn to anything Kiwi related. I quickly found out I was in the minority cheering for the All Blacks but I was still a proud Kiwi nonetheless. There was another woman cheering for them as well. However, she was fairly drunk and kept looking around to see if people were looking at her when she was cheering. I’m going to pretend she wasn’t a New Zealander as she didn’t make us look too good.

Sunset over the English Channel leaving France
Sunset over the English Channel
Hello England

When we arrived back in Plymouth it was dark again and we were greeted by the same glittering lights and twinkly stars that we left behind 2 days ago which was quite nice really. All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, one I certainly won’t forget in a while, and if I do I have hundreds of photos to jog the ole memory.

Hello England, Goodbye France
Coming back into Plymouth

You can check out day 1 including Morlaix, the Church of St Melaine, attempting to cross the language barrier, Chapelle des Agnes and  Lavoir Collobert here.



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