Hannah from Hannah and the Blog is this weeks featured Travel Blogger. She hails from Surrey and runs a travel, fashion and lifestyle blog. You can find her at hannahandtheblog.com. Go give her some love, say Jem sent you.


Hannah from Hannah and the Blog is featured on the Travel Bloggers Spotlight. Find out what makes her tick , where she is off to next, what she wants to tick off her bucket list and what is her most embarrassing travel story

Introduce yourself

Hi! My name is Hannah and I run my travel/ fashion and lifestyle blog hannahandtheblog.com. I have been running the blog since February 2017 and love it so much.

Offline, I work for a digital marketing company and live in Surrey, UK.

Why did you start a travel blog? What is the best thing about running a travel blog?

I started my travel blog because I wanted to have a place on the internet where I can share my adventures and the thousands of photos I take whenever I go away on a holiday. The best thing about running my blog is when I get lovely feedback from my readers who comment on my photos or who have taken any recommendations I have made!

Do you have any tips for other travel bloggers?

My only tip would be to not compare themselves to other travel bloggers and post what works for them. Oh, and include as many photos as possible!

Why do you love to travel?

This planet that we live on is huge and we humans are tiny in comparison to it. There are so many different and amazing places to visit and cultures to experience. That’s what really get’s my heart pumping and my face smiling.

What have you learned about yourself or the world through travelling?

I’ve learnt that wherever I have travelled there are some truly amazing human beings in the world who love to help and get to know other people. There is definitely more love than hate out there. Travelling has definitely broadened my mind and boosted my inner confidence.

Who/what INSPIRES you?

Anyone who follows their dream!!

What is one place you would LOVE to tick off from your bucket list?

Mexico! I have never been but it’s somewhere that really intrigues me. The colours, the people, the food. Just everything screams to me that I would love it. I would stay clear of the tourist traps though and try to take the road less travelled to experience ‘real’ Mexico.

Where is the BEST place you have been to?

Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. It was part of a 6-month backpacking trip I took a few years back. I stayed in a hostel that cost £12 a night with a room that overlooked the most incredible lagoon with a tiny island that could be reached by walking through the lagoon. The people were so friendly there and I met some brilliant locals who took me under their wing. Whilst there, I took an exam that allowed me to rent a moped to drive the one road that goes all around the island. It was so much fun to get out and explore and at times I didn’t drive, I either took the regular bus or hitchhiked! I did one hike whilst I was there which was up to the top of the highest point and where you could see the entire island. Truly breathtaking and once in a lifetime trip.

Where are you off to next?

Sicily! I am visiting for a week with my husband and will be staying in Palermo for a few days before moving on to Cefalu. We have booked into an Air Bnb and also treated ourselves to a nice hotel for the Cefalu part. I am so excited, Italy is my favourite country to visit.

Do you have a story you want to share?

When travelling in Kerala, India, I had a huge 21litre backpack on my back and needed to catch a 2-hour bus to another part of the region to meet a friend. Not knowing the times beforehand, I got to the bus station and enquired when the next bus would be; to which the man just pointed to one across the busy depot that had just started its engine and was ready to go… I made a run for it… Indian buses are high up, and after just making it to the bus, I hoisted myself up and started walking down the aisle, looking for a seat, backpack still strapped to me… the driver, obviously in a hurry put his foot down and turned a corner which made me fall right across a poor man and his wife who weren’t amused and didn’t speak a word of English. The weight of the backpack made it so hard for me to stand back up on the fast-moving bus… it took me longer than it should’ve done!! I felt so embarrassed but got a fit of giggles, quickly apologised and made my way to the back of the bus!!!

What travel blogs do you follow? Why do you follow them?

I’m ashamed to say I don’t follow any travel blogs regularly, however, prefer to find bloggers and travel blog posts via Pinterest and Instagram! I love seeing what fellow travellers get up to.

Add some final words of wisdom

In the words of Christoper McCandless “Happiness is only real once shared”

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Hannah from Hannah and the Blog is featured on the Travel Bloggers Spotlight. Find out what makes her tick , where she is off to next, what she wants to tick off her bucket list and what is her most embarrassing travel story

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