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Hiking in Portugal

Charming Portugal occupies the Iberian peninsula along with Spain. A visit to Portugal is a pleasant way to spend a vacation. The nation is chock full of all sorts of impressive treasures including world-class museums, historical monuments and delightful cities like Lisbon and Oporto. Portugal is also a wonderful place to hike. The region’s many hills offer challenging walks that reward the visitor with fabulous vistas and time to spend outdoors in the fresh air. If you are considering a trip here, think about the kind of hike you’d like to take. There are places that will bring you past ancient ruins while others will take you to some of the best parts of Europe. It’s a good idea to bring good walking boots, sunglasses, a jacket and a backpack full of basic items. While Portugal gets plenty of sun, you might be facing colder weather at a moment’s notice. It’s best to be prepared as you walk.


Hiking in Portugal | Rota Vicentina

This is a four hundred and fifty-mile trail that mostly hugs the southwestern coast of the country. This beautiful hike will bring you to the very most southwestern part of Portugal, a point that is also the most southwestern in all of Europe. Along the way, you can expect high cliffs with views that seem to go on for miles. After this dramatic view, the rest of the hike offers two possibilities. You can head inland. Here, you’ll find many delightful villages that offer the perfect place for the traveller to see authentic Portuguese culture firsthand. The other possibility is what is known as the Fisherman’s Trail. This part of the trip will bring you even further along the coast.

Hiking in Portugal | Rota Vicentina


Hiking in Portugal | Parque Nacional de Penada-Gerês

While Portugal has many wonderful places to visit, it only has one national park and this is it. It’s also one of the loveliest areas of Portugal. A hike through the national park of Portugal means plenty of opportunity for lots of outdoor fun. The park hugs the national border of Spain. This makes it easy to hit the park and then head for Spain and yet more fantastic Iberian sites. While here, there’s a lot to do. You can go biking and kayaking as well as hiking. Even better, the park doesn’t get a lot of visitors, at least compared to many other parts of Europe. Come here and you’ll get to meet lots of Portuguese natives. Share your enthusiasm for the country with them and they’ll greet you as one of their own.

Hiking in Portugal | Parque Nacional de Penada-Gerês


Hiking in Portugal | The Algarve

One of Portugal’s best-known areas, The Algarve is at the very foot of the country. This is one of the most visited as well. Come here in the summer for access to some of the finest beaches in Europe. The region adjoins the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Along the coast, you can also expect to find dozens of small coastal villages. These villages operate much as they have done for centuries. Stroll the whitewashed walls on a sunny day then take time for a delicious slice of local pasty and a nice cup of coffee. Certain places in this area have been heavily developed and have lots of large condos and tall buildings. If you’re looking for a real hike, stick to the back roads. The coast is beautiful but the interior of this part of Portugal has just as much to offer. Aim for the three hundred kilometre Via Algarviana. This designated trail is an ideal place to start your exploration of the area. The via will bring you to many wonderful places that are not often seen by world-weary travellers. Don’t miss the marvellously lovely town of Silves where time seems to stand still or delights of the Serra da Monchique. That’s the tallest peaks in the entire Algarve and well worth a hike just for the views alone.

Hiking in Portugal | Algarve


Hiking in Portugal | Montesinho Natural Park

Another noteworthy part of the area that is perfect for those who want to go hiking in Portugal is this ancient natural park. One of the most isolated parts of Portugal, this beautiful natural park makes an ideal hike. This area was often cut off from the rest of the nation and it still feels that way today. If you like the feel of being alone for miles, this is one place in Portugal that you can find a great sense of solitude and true relaxation. There are plenty of possible trails in the area. Many are well marked so you easily figure out how to get from one place to the next. While much of the countryside here is relatively flat, there are a few places where you can expect to be challenged to climb higher so be prepared as you head out. Good hiking boots are a must. This a great trail for a couple. Come here with your spouse or your best friend. You’ll have access to an area that is rarely seen by others and the chance to enjoy time in the wonderful Portuguese sunshine along your way

Hiking in Portugal | Montesinho

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