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From Hiking Guides to Hiking Hacks and everything in between (except the kitchen sink). 

Hiking Guides

Delve into the hiking archives and find a new place to explore. From short-short hikes to multi-day hikes. From family friendly hikes to the more advanced. There is a little something-something for everybody. Stats such as difficulty, access, time and fitness are included in all hikes plus a good ole fashioned walk (hike) through. 

Gear Tips: From how to look after your gear properly to finding the right gear to gear reviews. Your one stop gear info shop is right here. 

Hiking Hacks: From how to hike solo safely to hiking with children to multi-day hiking. Look no further for Hiking How To’s.



Featured Posts

Deadman’s Track via Rangiwahia Hut. A true winter wonderland



Tips and tricks for taking care of your hiking boots. From how to keep them waterproof to how to clean them properly and store your boots



Take a Hike

Whether it’s a short-short hike for when you have little time or a multi-day hike when you just want to leave everyday life behind, there’s a hike for everyone. 

Family friendly hikes perfect for all ages and fitness levels

Hikes you can complete in under 15 mins or less. Great for a quick stop in. 

If you have an hour or less, try one of these hikes. Perfect for when you have less time. 

Spend a morning or an arvo in nature and enjoy the peaceful serenity

Go bush for a day and reap the rewards. You won’t regret it. 

Get away from everything for a few days and go rogue