This week we have a special visitor. I would like to welcome Michelle from Walking on Foreign Chels. Everyone say hello (can you tell I used to be a primary school teacher?). Michelle is a fellow travel blogger who loves to plan. You can find tips and tricks for planning as well as oooh and ahhh over her travels on her website. 

Today she will be telling us all about Hobbiton so sit back, grab a cuppa and prepare to chuck something new on your bucket list…

Welcome to Hobbiton


This place is awesome! Especially if you’re a Lord of the Rings fan – which I am not, but I loved it anyway. The original set from LotR was torn down at the end of filming for the trilogy but the family that own the land was still holding tours around the place, I didn’t go on one, but I imagine they weren’t great given there was nothing to actually look at. When the Hobbit trilogy was filmed, they kept the sets and bibbity-bobbity-boo! We get what we see today.

Hobbit Hole at Hobbiton

The Tour

All the tours are guided, there are no options to do it on your own so expect to be with up to 40 other people on one tour and they leave every 15-20 mins from The Shire’s Rest. We all piled onto the big green bus and watched a video from the owner of the land and Peter Jackson while we drove through lush, green, rolling farmland to the beginning of the tour. From there we were led around Hobbiton to look at the different Hobbit holes and props that have remained which was pretty neat.

Throughout the tour, our guide was explaining how different effects were created and filmed such as the height difference between Gandalf and the Hobbits. There is one Hobbit hole with a normal size door which the Hobbits stood in front of, and a smaller door that Gandalf would stand in front of to look like a giant. After our tour around the holes, we were lead past the lake to the Dragon’s Inn where we received a glass of beer or cider (we chose cider) that has been brewed on site.

We were given “free time” here for about 30mins to sit in the Inn and have some lunch which can be purchased there, before being taken back to the bus to head back the Shire’s Rest, ending the tour. There is, of course, a gift shop full of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings related merchandise and yes, we did purchase the one ring! If you enjoy the craft beer and/or cider, these are available to purchase in the gift shop as well.

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How much? I hear you ask

So, let’s talk price! It is definitely not one of the cheapest things to do at $79 per person (if you go before 31st March 2018 – the price increases to $84 per person after this) for the Hobbiton Movie Set Tour. There are other tours you can do. Including a Private Tour and an Evening Banquet Tour which cost a significant amount more. We looked at doing the Evening Banquet Tour as we had heard through a friend that it’s a really good evening out and the food is good, but we couldn’t justify the costs.


Most important tips

  1. Take cash! They often have issues with their Eftpos and they do not allow cash withdrawal anywhere on site.
  2. Book online at least a couple of days in advance. It can be hard to get tickets on the day.

Bilbo Baggins at Hobbbiton

More info

For more info check out the official website here. You can book, find prices and find out about the different events

So there you have it, a wee overview of Hobbiton.

Have you ever been before? Is it on your bucket list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments


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