Well, my monthly gear review has fallen by the wayside (I only did one last year *facepalm*). However, it is a new year so fresh start and all that jazz. I’m just ignoring that I didn’t get off to a good start with a gear review in January. Selective memory is my forte.

Anywho, onwards and upwards! The first gear review for 2019 will be my trusty Kabuda trekking pole. Oh, how I love my trekking pole. It has saved my bacon more than a few times. This gal isn’t so much with the mountain goat gracefulness and nimbleness.

Plus, they make for good view pointing out sticks.

Trekking poles are a fantastic investment. If you are just starting out, Kabuda Trekking Poles are fab because they aren't very expensive and get the job done. Your knees will thank you. Trust me.

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Kabuda Trekking Pole Quick Stats

Price $14.99 each

Features + Specs

  • Made of lightweight aluminium metal, strong and light weighted
  • Removable trekking (mud/snow) basket to prevent it from sinking into soft dirt or sand
  • Mountaineering, hiking, travel and other outdoor activities the necessary tools
  • Ergonomic rubber grips and are constructed from a tough, lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.
  • Anti-shock internal spring they can be set to any height from 65cm to 135cm 
  • The body is made from an anodised aluminium alloy so they will not rust or corrode over time. The tip is stainless steel so it won’t wear out even after years of use.
  • Fitted with a tough adjustable nylon hand/wrist strap.
  • The telescopic height adjustment will easily let you lock the pole at any height with a simple twist, anywhere from 65cm to 135cm in length.

Availability There is only one left on Amazon, however, there are many similar trekking poles available. Alternatively, you can buy Kabuda trekking poles online on eBay or outdoor retailers.

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I remember scoffing at my Pa and his mate Bill when we went for a hike together and they used trekking poles. “Ha, you old bastards” I informed them. Little did I know that in less than a year, I would become a Trekking Pole Convert. Well and truly.

What cemented this was my trek up Atene Skyline Track. I had no pole, the downhills were steep and rugged and my poor knees didn’t fare up so well. My next hike up Platinum Mine Track I took along a spare Kabuda trekking pole of Pa’s and never looked back. I now have one with me for most hikes.

My knees have thanked me and my bottom is not so bruised now. Win win!

There is even a handy wee attachment that turns the trekking pole into a tripod. I’m not game enough to try it though. I would end up with a lot of crooked photos as the self-timer went off as the trekking pole started to fall. But hey, it has a tripod attachment!

Kabuda Trekking Pole review
See? Really good pointing stick


I prefer trekking poles with a vertical grip, rather than the horizontal ones. They feel less like an old lady walking stick this way. I need all the convincing I can get about my fast approaching age. But that is purely personal preference.

The grip is comfy and easy to hold onto. Even when I have sweaty, slippery hands.

The anti-shock makes it much easier when you are going over rough ground. It isn’t noisy like a lot of trekking poles with anti-shock in them and they aren’t too ‘springy’, I can still feel how much weight I am putting on them.

However, I do find that they are not the lightest poles out. This is fine for me at the moment but when I start the Te Araroa Trail, I will be buying some more lightweight ones.

Really heavy pack? Check! Trekking pole? Check!
Really heavy pack? Check! Trekking pole? Check!

Wear + Tear

The only wear and tear my Kabuda Trekking Poles have shown is that the label is starting to scratch off (it took me ages to Google my pole).

The tip is still pointy, the adjustable length doesn’t sink back to default height, the grip is still grippy and the foam is still foamy, though there is a wee dent, it doesn’t affect the foaminess. Technical huh?

Shorts Track | Ruahine Range
Trekking poles are also handy for checking snow depth


Oh boy, my trekking poles take a beating! They have been on nearly every one of my hikes for pretty much a year now.

They have been over:

  • Shingle
  • Sand
  • River crossings
  • Really, really steep ascents
  • Really, really steep descents
  • Mud
  • Loose rocks
  • Grass
  • Snow
  • And every other terrain imaginable

It still manages to stand the test of time and terrain.


These trekking poles only extend to 135cm in length. If you need a long pole, this probably won’t cut the mustard. Longer poles are needed for river crossings and old men who have had strokes. (Pa’s extends to taller than me! Not that that’s saying much..)

Another con is the weight. While they aren’t heavy, they also aren’t the lightest. But then they are cheap, and lightweight gear tends to be a bit more on the pricey side.

Trekking poles are also a great 'deepness' indicator
Trekking poles are also a great ‘deepness’ indicator

Skipped to the end?

No worries, here’s a quick rundown of my Kabuda Trekking Poles

The good

  • Cheap (this is always good when you are on a budget!)
  • Durable
  • Save my knees (and my arse)
  • Anti-shock doesn’t rattle like some can and is not too ‘springy’

The bad

  • Aren’t very lightweight

Final Thoughts

Trekking poles are a fantastic investment. If you are just starting out, Kabuda Trekking Poles are fab because they aren’t very expensive and get the job done. Your knees will thank you. Trust me.

Do you use trekking poles? What are your favourite pair?


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Trekking poles are a fantastic investment. If you are just starting out, Kabuda Trekking Poles are fab because they aren't very expensive and get the job done. Your knees will thank you. Trust me.


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