May Travel Blogger Spotlight features Katharina from Girl From The Lighthouse. All the way from Germany Katharina is a positive, bubbly person, her motto is “Don’t call it a dream, call it a plan”. You can find her at


May Travel Blogger Spotlight | Girl from the Lighthouse

Katharina from The Girl From The Lighthouse is May Travel Blogger Spotlight featured on this week. Find out all about this bubbly, positive travel blogger. Her hopes and dreams, where has been her favourite place to visit, learning to ride a broomstick and more.

Introduce yourself 

Hello everyone, my name is Katharina, I am a 22-year-old student, who was born and raised in the very north of Germany, right next to the sea. Salty water runs through my veins and the sea is one of the reasons why I love to come back home after being abroad. I am a professional dreamer, with a positive attitude towards life and I enjoy taking pictures of everything but myself. When I am not talking a walk along the beach you can find me on my blog or an Instagram @kathaisa1101

Why did you start a travel blog? What is the best thing about running a travel blog?

After I finished school I worked as an Au Pair in the UK for a year. That’s when I started blogging because I wanted to keep my friends and family up to date about my life. During my time as an Au Pair, I fell in love with travelling. When I came back to Germany I missed blogging, so decided to create a travel blog and share my adventures with everyone who´s interested.

Do you have any tips for other travel bloggers?

I think it’s really important to write about what makes you happy. The readers notice if you write something half-hearted. So stay true to yourself and your dream!

Why do you love to travel?

I wrote quite a long post about why I and others who have the same passion love to travel. I personally travel to get to know new people and their cultural background. How they live, what they do during a usual day. When I leave the aeroplane and set foot in a new country it is like someone turns the contrast and colour intensity higher.

Life suddenly appears louder, brighter, basically more intense. I love that feeling. It makes me realise how many things and destinations are out there, that we miss out on. It reconnects me with life, my feelings and thoughts. I become more aware of what I am doing, why I am doing it as well as what standard of life I am fortunate to have. You realise what you love about home, about your family and your friends, what is a privilege to have, and what’s absolutely gratuitous. I guess that’s what makes me want to travel the world and discover what’s out there waiting for us.

What have you learned about yourself or the world through travelling?

The world is the best teacher and by travelling you´re signing in for different classes. I improved my level of English, learned that love is not forever, how powerful nature is, that you have to live in the moment and do everything now because you don’t know when the journey is over. I learned how similar people from opposite sides of the world can be and that we are fortunate to be born in a part of the world where travelling is not a luxury anymore.

Who/what INSPIRES you?

The world itself. When I see how many beautiful places are out there, I can´t sit still and would love to buy my next flight ticket to a place I haven´t been to. Quotes and other peoples travel blogs are also inspiring. I just got a new passport, all the pages are empty again and want to get filled with stamps from all over the world.

What is one place you would LOVE to tick off from your bucket list? Why?

That’s a hard question. There are so many places I want to visit so badly. I would say the one that I really want to tick off my bucket list would either be Canada or the Maldives. Canada because I imagine it to be similar to Sweden, which is my favourite country, but more intense. And the Maldives due to its beautiful beaches, sunsets, and awesome houses with glass floors. I want to travel to those two countries since I can remember. If anyone plans to go there and is looking for some company, hit me up ?

Where is the BEST place you have been to? Why?

I can´t answer that question, because I don´t know. Every country I have been to I had a place I really enjoyed. Sitting on a stone in Finnish Lapland, drinking tea and watching the northern lights. Leaning against the balustrade of a cave that opens towards the sea on Menorca. Walking through the streets of St. Petersburg. Swimming in a lake somewhere in Sweden. There are many more, so I really can´t say which was the best one.

Where are you off to next?

My next big adventure will start in August where I will fly to South Africa and stay there for half a year. I am super excited for that journey. But before that, I am planning on spent a few days in Italy, Sweden and hopefully the United Kingdom as well.?

Do you have a story you want to share? 

I learned how to fly a broomstick at the exact same place as Harry Potter did, at Alnwick castle. Everyone got a broomstick and had to stand in a big circle. The first thing we learned was how to command your broom to raise up to your hand. That was easy, you only had to say the magic word “up”. The next lesson was, what we all had been waiting for, flying on the broom. It isn´t as easy as lifting the broom, but after a couple times trying it, you get the hang of it. And it makes a lot of fun!

What travel blogs do you follow? Why do you follow them?

I follow many different ones, mainly from women, because it is interesting to read about their travel life. Which countries they are travelling to, what they experience, whom they meet and what they do. It is also inspiring to see where life carries people. By following other travel blogs my list of cities and countries I want to visit has grown and I think it wouldn’t stop for the next couple of years.

Add some final words of wisdom (channel your inner-wise-self)

“Don´t call it a dream. Call it a Plan.” That’s my view on life and it has helped me a lot to let my dreams come true. You are the author of your book of life and can decide in which direction your life should go. So take over the steering wheel and take the exit “dreams come true”. If I can turn my dreams into reality you can do it as well!

Always remember the world is a town ?

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Katharina from The Girl From The Lighthouse featured on May Travel Blogger Spotlight Series. Find out all about this bubbly, positive travel blogger. Her hopes and dreams, where has been her favourite place to visit, learning to ride a broomstick and more.

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