Hike of the Week

Te Apiti Manawatu Gorge Tawa Loop Track is a lovely walk to complete with the family. As I was heading back down the loop many families were making their way up. I could hear the chattering of young children floating above the trees before I saw them. As is usually the case when hiking with children.

The varied sights make for an interesting hike for children and adults alike. Keep an eye out for the hollow Totara Tree, Tom’s Lookout and Whatonga – the Maori Warrior that stands guard over the forest. Te Apiti Manawatu Gorge Tawa Loop Track is a popular run for runners as it provides a moderately graded track.

However, I won’t be testing that out any time soon (ever). Hiking = yes, running = no.

Photo of the Moment

One of the many natural thermal hot springs nestled in Tokaanu. 

Tucked behind Turangi, Tokaanu Thermal Pools offers a free walk through natural hot springs and mud pools. This easy track is perfect for families and offers the unique sights of Mother Nature hard at work. 

Hiking Hack of the Moment

Wondering whether your children are ready for their first multi-day hike? Are you worried it won’t be a success? Tackling those first multi-day hikes with children can be a bit daunting, but it can be done.

When it is just you or a group of adults, not as much planning needs to be done. Multi-day hikes with children, however, a bit more planning needs to be executed.

Think about:

  • The difficulty of the track
  • How long it will take you. It pays to add on some extra time for stops and a slower pace
  • Where you will sleep and what type of conditions you will be in
  • What you will eat
  • If the children are older, what they can comfortably pack in their bag

Involve your children in planning your multi-day hike. Build anticipation and excitement around the trip by looking at pictures online, discussing the trail and what they can expect, putting together a gear list together and getting them to help pack their bags.

Spotlight on New Zealand

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a New Zealand must. 

Hike past Mt Doom

Marvel at the Emerald Lakes

Experience the otherworldly atmosphere for yourself

Come and be one of the founding members of that Hiking Facebook Group. We are pretty choice. Promise. 

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