Once upon a time in England, Rob and I took the kids up Dartmoor. It is one of my favourite places in England. As usual, it was a wild blustery day but in my opinion, that’s the best time to go. So exhilarating and wild, just how nature intended it to be. We went to a different part of Dartmoor, near Postbridge, this time. Every part of Dartmoor is amazing that I’ve seen so far.



Fairy Woods

That day, we trudged up a little hill, through little stream, over uneven terrain and found ourselves by a little wood. I’m pretty sure no one wants you to go in the wood as its surrounded by a stone wall and barbed wire fence but ho hey these things are made to be climbed over.

The wood was like something out of a fairy tale. Moss covered and mystical. It felt like it should be inhibited fairies, pixies, witches, wizards and unicorns. As soon as you stepped over the stone wall you were transported into an enchanted land. As we sat there with our picnic I kept a look out for fairies but we must have been too noisy for them.



The Tors

As it was cold and a fair trek the little kids were getting tired so we started heading back. On our way back we stopped at a tor. It’s mind-boggling thinking how long the formation of rocks have been sitting there for. Hundreds and hundreds of years. You’d have to be quite patient to be a tor but imagine all the things that they’ve seen, the dark ages, wars, the middle ages, the industrial revolution, horse and cart to cars and trucks. Though Dartmoor looks unchanged so they’ve probably missed all that and just seen hundreds of sheep, horses and people in their various fashions.



A Quaint Pub

After we’d had our cup of tea, we were in England after all, we aimed for the pub in hopes of a warm fire. We were in luck and even better, the hot chocolate I ordered came with marshmallows which I found was a rarity in England. As we were sitting there all cosy we looked out the window and saw that it was snowing. I love snow. I would have loved to see Dartmoor covered in snow while I was over there. I’ve seen pictures and it looks spectacular. Snow is a real novelty for me so I was quite entranced watching it flutter to the ground. Unfortunately by the time we’d finished our drinks it had stopped. It was probably a good thing, my driving is dodgy enough without having that to distract me as well!



Postbridge bridges

We made a quick detour to Postbridge on our way back to have a look at the (wait for it……) bridges. Postbridge is s quaint little village that also looks like it’s stuck back in time. I took a quick snap of the bridges before we made our way back again.

You can imagine the bridges being used for horse and cart back in the pre-car days. They don’t look entirely stable, slabs of rocks sitting on top of each other. But they must have done the trick as they are still standing all these years later.



Where is your favourite place to explore?



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