retracing the footsteps of the past - Totnes Castle

Totnes Castle – A Glimpse of Early Norman England

The sun was beating down on my back on a rare warm English summers day. The hill ahead looked slightly daunting via foot but I could see the peak of the castle looming. Almost there. Totnes Castle would be my Very First English Castle. And I was well excited. Pictures of Romantic Ruins, moats, turrets […] Read more…

Is Stonehenge worth the hype?

Is Stonehenge worth the hype?

Once upon a Friday, it was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to swing by Stonehenge (click here to find out more about prices, times and information) on a road trip across the country. Apparently, half the population had the same idea to go along and see Stonehenge as well. The stones are awe-inspiring […] Read more…

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