So you want to take part in the Travel Blogger Spotlight Series? Fantastic! I would love to feature you. Just fill out the questionnaire below. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom and just copy and paste the questions, add them to your own word document and email them to Please include a profile picture and whichever other photos you would like to be included.

Some quick things to note:

  • I got a lot of people sending one line answers. I am now not publishing those as they don’t do well for SEO and aren’t as interesting to read.
  • To stand out, try to use full paragraphs and let your personality shine through. This is all about YOU after all.
  • I will not edit these unless they need it. I try to let your words and your voice come through.
  • Your Spotlight will link back to your main website and social media platforms of your choice. If you have any links to specific posts that are relevant, please feel free to include them.
  • You can email me ( ) photos to that you would like to be used in your Spotlight, including a profile picture. You can email as many or as little as you would like to be included in the article.
  • This series is run on a first in first served basis. I post ALL completed questionnaires. All the bloggers who fill out the form are emailed back and given their publication date shortly after I receive it.
  • Have fun and let YOU shine through.

Benefits of taking part in the Travel Bloggers Spotlight Series

  • You will get quality links back to your website and social media platforms.
  • I promote these posts as much as my regular posts. Promotion includes Pinterest, Tailwind Tribes, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Groups so there are great exposure opportunities for you.
  • You build up your profile in the Travel Blog Community.
  • My readers enjoy reading real stories from real people. These Spotlight Series posts gain their curiosity and they regularly click on the blogger’s website links.

Examples of the Travel Blogger Spotlight Series Posts


Questions to copy and paste


Email address


Introduce yourself (include some fun facts and where we can find you online and off)

Why did you start a travel blog? What is the best thing about running a travel blog?

Do you have any tips for other travel bloggers?

Why do you love to travel?

What have you learned about yourself or the world through travelling?

Who/what INSPIRES you?

What is one place you would LOVE to tick off from your bucket list? Why?

Where is the BEST place you have been to? Why?

Where are you off to next?

Do you have a story you want to share? (could be funny/embarrassing/inspiring/uplifting/odd/anything)

What travel blogs do you follow? Why do you follow them?

Add some final words of wisdom (channel your inner-wise-self)

Final Words

Thank you once again for taking part. I really appreciate it!

Look forward to hearing from you soon,



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