Campbell and Alya, AKA Stingy Nomads are an adventure couple who are all about travelling on a budget. They are an adventure couple who are into diving, hiking and adventure. Their blog is jam-packed full of information to help others travel stingily (is that a word?). Read on to find out more about them and their blog. Spoiler Alert. They are fab!


The Stingy Nomads - Alya and Campbell

Who are you?

We’re Campbell and Alya (Stingy Nomads), a South African-Russian adventure couple. We met on the road, in the Philippines, 4 years ago and since then have been travelling around the world, together we’ve been to 30+ countries. We’re adventure addicts and coffee junkies and usually travel to the places that are great for both of our passions.

Where can we find you?

We write a travel blog it started as a hobby writing for friends and family and one year later turned into a full-time job for us. We’re quite active on Facebook and Instagram as well. If we’re not online very likely we’re somewhere hiking, diving or camping.

Why do you love to travel?

Travelling is a combination of many different things, no matter how experienced you’re you always face new situations, adjust to different cultures, challenge yourself. Travelling you constantly forced to leave your comfort zone and be more flexible, you never stuck in the same routine. And of course, travelling you meet great people, see beautiful places and learn new skills it can be anything from a new language to sailing or cooking.

Who/what inspires you?

Many things; people we met travelling, books, movies, even our dog, her name is Chile, she mostly inspires us to go on a dog-friendly camping trip.

Alya: my favourite travel books are The snow of Kilimanjaro by Hemingway, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Marquez, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Adams and Into the Wild by Krakauer.

Campbell: Travel books I enjoyed – Around Africa on my Bicycle, Riaan Manser’s adventure; The Beach, Alex Garland and Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

What have you learned about yourself through travel?

Alya: That I’m quite a picky eater I didn’t realise it at home or going on holiday trips but on long trips I discovered I like diversity in food when you can eat different food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Campbell: That you can get by with very little, adapt to anything, be happy anywhere, unfortunately, you can also be unhappy anywhere.

Where was the best place you’ve been to? Why?

This is usually the most difficult question people keep asking us. We usually say depends… For hiking, we love Nepal and South America, particularly Chile, Peru and Argentina. For diving, Indonesia is our favourite, followed by some other countries around South-East Asia and the Caribbean. For watching animals Africa is an awesome place. For culture and food experience Europe is a great place. We haven’t really travelled North America yet I believe there are many great places there as well. Without considering geographical location the best place is always home, where you have family and friends waiting for you.

Do you have a funny travel story? An inspiring travel story?

We have many of them from getting stuck on an Indian train and missing a flight while sitting at the gate to losing Alya’s backpack with all her clothes and gear while hitchhiking in Patagonia. What is always inspiring is that in any situation you always find strangers; local or other travellers ready to help you without even knowing you or expecting anything in exchange.

Where is next on your list?

For this year, 2018, we have a lot of hiking plans; starting in April in Portugal where we going to hike the Portuguese Camino, followed by climbing Lenin’s peak in Kyrgyzstan and doing some hikes in Russia and maybe finishing the year in Nepal where we want to hike the Great Himalaya Trail.

What other travel blogs do you follow?

We have a couple of blogs that we read and follow; the Broke Backpacker, Nomadasaurus, Goats on the Road.

Feel free to add anything else people might find interesting about you

Before we became travel bloggers we had normal jobs; Campbell used to work as a research scientist, by the way, he has a PhD in microbiology. Nowadays except for blogging Campbell sometimes works as a dive instructor, he loves water; diving, freediving, surfing his other passions. Alya used to teach foreign languages, she speaks 4, and work as an interpreter. She loves art and classical music and crazy about Spain everything from Spanish movies and art to flamenco dancing and food.


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Travel blogger spotlight: the Stingy Nomads. FInd out what makes them tick, why they love travel and the inspiration that drives this couple to sustain their full-time travel lifestyle Travel blogger spotlight: the Stingy Nomads. FInd out what makes them tick, why they love travel and the inspiration that drives this couple to sustain their full-time travel lifestyle

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