Bert from Survive Travel is our next in line on the Travel Bloggers Spotlight Series. He lives a life of travel (doesn’t that sound fab!) and his website is all about helping YOU create your own life of travel.
Bert worked hard on his goals and in 2015 he was able to achieve them. His website is filled with freebies, tips, tricks and valuable information. Go check it out.

Who are you?

My full name is Bertahan Luxing, but most people call me Bert. I was born and raised in Australia. My father is Chinese/Malay and my Mother is Colombian.

Where can we find you?

After trying out a few different countries I chose the Philippines as my home-base early 2018. When I am not there I like to explore new countries. I also try to visit friends and family in Australia and Malaysia once a year.
I have two websites and major social media profiles for both of them. You can visit any of my social media or contact me via the websites.

Why do you love to travel?

I love to explore new places and live in different countries. One of my favourite things is trying the local cuisine. I also like to try to learn new languages, though I am not that good at it.

Who/what inspires you?

I don’t have anyone or anything specific that inspires me. I get inspired all the time by random people and the things I see on my travels.

What have you learned about yourself through travel?

It’s hard to say what I have learned about myself, but there are plenty of life lessons that travel has taught me. Minimalism, patience, critical thinking, and appreciation and four that come to mind.

Where was the best place you’ve been to? Why?

Haha, this question is too hard for me to answer.

Bert from Survive Travel


Where is next on your list?

Mauritius in October 2018 is the only definite plan I have so far. I want to get to Africa this year also so I aim to do that after Mauritius.

What other travel blogs do you follow?

There are no specific travel blogs I follow. I am a member of some travel-related facebook groups. I often read posts that other travel bloggers post on them.

Final Thoughts

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SurviveTravel was next in line in the Travel Blogger Spotlight Series. Check out what makes him tick

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