Come a travelin’ around the world with me. It’ll be grand. 

Explore New Zealand with me. Hang out at Cape Reinga, walk down to Cathedral Cove, come on a beach crawl, visit hobbiton or sit in a natural hot pool. There’s sure to be something to tickle your fancy.


Let's go away for a while

England: Castle ruins, London, Stonehenge, Dartmoor and rolling English countryside. What more could you ask for?

France: little cobblestone paths, a French market and a language barrier makes up my French Experience. 

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Us kiwis have  butchered taken charge of the English language and put our own spin on it. Often to the confusion of the rest of the world and cop a lot of flak for our accent. But we are fairly good at taking the piss out of ourselves as well. So grab a cuppa, kick off your jandles and take a squiz at the post below to suss out how to speak Kiwi.







Explore small town France with us as we crossed language barriers and took in the history and sights of Morlaix. 


Who doesn’t love a little London? Take me to them and I will sort them out for you.

As part of my London Series, I am going to give you my personal favourite 7 free(ish) things to do and see from my wonderful tourist and only been twice in my life perspective. We wanted to keep the cost down on this trip so included lots of free or cheap things in our itinerary. London is wonderful to explore and it can be easily done on a budget.