Christmas is looming just around the corner. If you haven’t finished your shopping yet (and let’s face it, who has?) boy, do I have the post for you! The Ultimate Travel Inspired Gift Guide is packed with 13 must have (or wants) for those travel peeps that seem to have errything.

With the aim of being as transparent as a 12-year-old girl talking to her crush, this post contains affiliate links. They don’t cost you any extra but they will help me buy my own Christmas presents. Your support is mucho appreciated! 

Without further ado, I present to you the Ultimate Gift Guide for the traveller in your life:

World Scratch Map

A world scratch map is a unique present for those jet settin’ peeps in your life. They can hang this bad boy on the wall and scratch off all the places they have been to and reveal the world underneath. Their’s will be different to everyone else’s and tell their individual story.

Wanderlust Wall Decal

For when your wanderlust in command is at home, woefully thinking of the next destination they can spur on their lust further with this wall decal. Nothing more inspiring than something that sits on your wall staring at you with judgemental eyes.

A Packing Checklist

A handy checklist to tick off in a pre-trip, last minute panic. Save the traveller a whole lotta panic and stress with this checklist to keep near their suitcase. Never leave anything behind again!

Secret Santa Keyring

Have to buy a Santa gift? No worries! I have the perfect little trinket for you. A keyring to bring out the inner travel guru and to show off to all those that pick up their keys that they are, in fact, a travel machine.

Wanderlust Bracelet

Your world-conquering second in command can wear their heart on their sleeve with this funky wee bracelet proclaiming their love for travel. Plus it’s pretty. Who doesn’t like pretty things?

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a perfect way to document your jet settin’ friends travels. This travel journal is refillable, so if your buddy has lots to say about their worldly ways this journal won’t stop them penning their thoughts. Plus it smells like real leather. And it comes prepackaged so you don’t even need to worry about trying to make it look pretty.

The Travel Listography

Who doesn’t like lists? Show them to me! The Travel Listography is the perfect present for your list lovin’ travel lovin’ wanderer. Lists include animals I’ve seen in the wild, people I’ve met. world cuisines to try and loads more lists. A unique way to capture the memories made whilst travelling.

The Ultimate Travel Guide

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Guide features over 500 must-see world sights and attractions. Never run out of, “well, where should I go next?” just pick a page and toodle on off. Easy peasy. You won’t be sent to only big name attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, you will also be sent to lesser known hidden gems as well.

The Travel Book

Take your travel buddy through a journey of every country in Lonely Planets The Travel Book. Explore 230 country and 850 photographs to stir your inner wanderluster.

Travel Mug

A travel mug is a perfect present for the coffee-fueled traveller in your life. It holds, tea, water and milo as well. ‘Coz versatility is the key to a good present. This mug is stainless steel so will go the extra mile or two. It’ll keep your hot coffees hot and your cold water cold. Just the way nature intended.

Travel Wallet

Who doesn’t need a place to store all their documents and important bits and bobs in one place? This travel wallet has little pockets galore for everything from tickets and passports to money and cards to sim cards and phones. This wallet comes in a variety of colours so your travel chum can express their own personality.

Packing Cubes

No more stuffing everything in your travel buds suitcase, sitting on it and hoping the zip will close (not speaking from personal experience…). With these space saving, crinkly clothes saving, handy wee packing cubes, sitting on suitcases is a thing of the past. Unless it is something your buddy enjoys. There is even a shoe cube so your suitcase doesn’t have to smell like feet anymore.

Carry On Backpack

Is your travel beau constantly running over people with their wheely carry on luggage (also not speaking from experience), save them the trouble of getting up escalators with this backpack. It comes with the maximum dimensions allowed on IATA flights while still fitting neatly in overhead compartments. 3 packing cubes are included as well as lots of little pockets inside the backpack



So there you have it, the Ultimate Travel Inspired Gift Guide. What are you waiting for? Go! Shop!





the ultimate travel gift guide

the ultimate travel gift guide


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