It’s gear review time of the month again (check it out, 2 months in a row *beams proudly*). This month I am reviewing my Vango Venom 300 sleeping bag. Well, technically my Pa’s but he hasn’t asked for it back yet so don’t say anything, k?

This sleeping bag has been all over New Zealand, been used by the smallest member of our family up to the oldest and all of us in between. It’s been up mountains and back down again. It has been a well travelled and well used sleeping bag. Read on to find out more about this family fave.

The Vango Venom 300 is a great wee sleeping bag that's cosy, light and does the trick nicely (and often warmly). 

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Quick Stats

Weight 900g

Size 220cm long x80cm wide

Inner 300 grams 700 fill power goose down

Background Check

This sleeping bag has been all over the country and has been used by myself, my Pa and both of my kids on various hikes and camps. It’s been up snow filled mountains, stayed beside sandy beaches and everything in between. Being lightweight, one of the kids usually claim it for multi-day hikes. The lazy little feckers don’t like carrying big heavy bags. Not that I blame them.

Vango venom 300 sleeping bag

The Vango Venom 300 In Use

The dоwn fіllіng іѕ соntаіnеd in bоx shaped baffles for mаxіmum loft аnd tо maintain аn еvеn dіѕtrіbutіоn оf down frоm head tо tое.

The Venom 300 is a comfy sleeping bag that is nice and wide in the shoulders which allows for plenty of wriggle room. This was both a blessing and a curse when Joe used this sleeping bag when we hiked Waikaremoana. Because the mattresses we slept on were covered in plastic, every single move was made clear to the entire room. And Joe is a wriggly sleeper. And this sleeping bag didn’t trap him down.

The outter is made up of 30 dеnіеr mini-ripstop nуlоn which has the added benefits of being lightweight, soft (oh my this sleeping bag is soft. Every so often I just like to stroke it) and brеаthаblе. The wаtеr resistant fіnіѕh rереlѕ moisture and рrоtесtѕ the down.

The down is the more water-resistant hydrophobic variety so this should maintain performance better than some bags if it gets damp from condensation.

Vango sleeping bag


  • Compact, squishes down to 15x24cm which means it tucks away nicely in your pack without taking up too much room.
  • Bigger size than many lighter bags, with it measuring 220cm by 80cm there is plenty of room for the taller of the species but without the weight of similar sized sleeping bags.
  • The colour. I am quite fond of green. It’s a soothing colour. Plus, it matches my tent (and my brand colours. Boom!). Which also happens to be green.
  • The hood rocks. It’s super cosy and snug around the head area.


  • The zip only goes halfway so if you like well-ventilated feet, this probably isn’t going to go down too well. Luckily, this is only my part-time sleeping bag. Pa and I tend to swap out sleeping bags every now and then because this one is his favourite sleeping bag and I prefer his other one, Micro Smart Jumbo 225 because I can unzip the feet and have my tootsies out in the fresh air.
  • This sleeping bag is only 2-3 seasons, which means in winter you are gonna get rather chilly. However, Spring, Summer and Autumn are fine and dandy. I would suggest grabbing yourself a sleeping bag liner for the cooler months. Plus, it means that you don’t have to wash your sleeping bag so often.
  • The name. I mean come on, venom? Who wants to sleep in something called venom? Doesn’t really spell sweet dreams, does it?

Venom 300

Skipped to the End?

Don’t worry *whispers* I do that too.

The Good

  • Light at only 900g
  • Comfy, the shoulder room is quite plenty
  • Durable, this bugger has had a rough ole life but it’s still goin’ strong
  • Cosy hood (a big plus)
  • Reasonably priced (also a big plus)

The Bad

  • Mummy shaped (personal preference, but for me, it is a con. I like feet wriggle room)
  • The zip only goes halfway down the length of the sleeping bag
  • Rather chilly in the middle of winter unless you have a liner


Final Thoughts

The Vango Venom 300 is a great wee sleeping bag that’s cosy, light and does the trick nicely (and often warmly). If you are looking for a larger sleeping bag that is relatively light, this puppy is for you. It won’t break the bank and if used with a liner, will last you many many sleeps in a wide variety of conditions.



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The Vango Venom 300 is a great wee sleeping bag that's cosy, light and does the trick nicely (and often warmly).  Read on for the full review

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  1. Love reading your posts. Which tent do you use. I have an ‘Outer Limits, Razorback 1 person’. I remember reading in one of your post the tent of favour, just can’t find it.

    • I don’t currently have a one person tent yet, I did borrow one for a while but had to give it back and can’t remember the name of it. That will be my next investment, until then it’s huts!

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