2018 is well and truly upon us now. We are into the double figures of January already. Holy cow! So I have decided its high time for a bit of reflection and hopes for this year. I didn’t make any New Years Resolutions. They aren’t my thang (you can read about why here). However, I do have some hopes for 2018.

I reflected in another post on 17 things learned in 2017 that were kinda sorta life lessons. 2017 was a big year. A right ole rollercoaster really.

What I learned in 2017

Home is where you make it. Home isn’t really a place, it’s a feeling. You know, that feeling you have when you look around and a feeling of contentment falls over you? That’s how you know you are home.

What I hope for in 2018

Deepen my home roots. Continue making connections. Continue enjoying spending time with family and friends (new and old). Continue falling in love with New Zealand again.

What I hope for in 2018 - fun, explore, hike...

What I learned in 2017

My love of exploring has expanded. There is much to see and do (tally ho!).

What I hope for in 2018

Continue exploring near and far. I am hoping to get overseas this year (don’t want to reveal too much in case it all falls through). But even if I can’t hop on a plane there is still so much of my own country to carry on exploring. From the bush to the beach, from the mountains to the rivers, from the cities to the middle of nowhere. There is something new to see and explore all the time. Just because you can’t see a new country doesn’t mean you can’t experience the wonder and joy of your own.

What I learned in 2017

Mother Nature is pretty cool. Well, I already knew that. Ma Nature has always had a pretty special place in my heart. But last year she wormed her way in even more. Maybe because that’s where I have reconnected with a few special people in my life?

There is something soothing about being in nature. When you couple it with the company of someone you enjoy spending time with then boom! You got yourself a great combo.

What I hope for in 2018

I have a few tracks on my to-do list that I hope to tick off, not all will be achievable in 2018. But my to-do list doesn’t expire on New Years Eve 2018.

There are plenty of other smaller trails I want to do as well in between but those are the Big Ones.

What I hope for in 2018

What I learned in 2017

Blogging is quite fun

What I hope for in 2018

Blogging has been a huge learning curve. Apparently, you don’t just write posts and wait for people to read them. Who woulda thought? It’s been a fun learning curve though. I quite like learning. 2018 will be spent building both this blog and my other one. A rebrand is coming this way (eep!) and I have been working hard behind the scenes to work out how to make this blog better and more helpful to you, my wonderful reader. So watch this space (don’t like just sit and watch it. That will be boring. But keep an eye out every now and then. And also check your emails. And if you haven’t signed up for emails, do it now. You know you want to).

Soooo this year I want to rebrand, make some tweaks and changes, and basically build a more reader-friendly, informative, FUN website. A website that people come back for more from, who learn a lot and who get inspired to go explore. So go! Explore!

If you would like to provide feedback I would appreciate it very much! Just answer these 5 quick questions and you are done. This will help me make the website more tailored to YOU.

What are YOUR hopes for 2018? How did 2017 treat you? Let me know in the comments




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  1. Beginnings and ends of years of years are certainly the time for reflection, and for new dreams. I’m like you, I don’t make New Years resolutions any more – too many broken too soon. This year is a bit weird because I don’t have hopes for this year. Last year threw such a bomb, its scared me in to making plans. If I were to make a plan though I would like to do something exciting for my decade birthday this year – like go somewhere – perhaps like Vietnam. It probably won’t happen though.
    So in the meantime I will carry on writing, hanging out with people I love, and try not to get hung up about things. Simplify life I think is the answer. (mostly the clutter is in my mind) Get to know and like myself better and then that will be like a new journey I am sure.
    Good luck with yours lil Jem xx

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